Monday, February 21, 2011

The Prixxx Make A Point

The Prixxx turned out last Tuesday night for their inaugural hit out in the big league at Ice Blue against another all-girl outfit called ACDC. You'll be pleased to know that our shirts look awesome, especially the white GT stripes down the side - one player even noted that later on in the night he heard a voice in the crowd compliment us on how good we looked! Turned out he had already downed a bottle of Jack and had left his glasses at home. If only they complimented us on our game.

We hit the ground running Tuesday night with some early wins in the triples but they got back some valuable points in the doubles. However, it was in the singles where we fell behind with only Danny the GreenMachine and Peter the Prickler coming up trumps with emphatic wins while the rest of us suffered due to a generally piss poor effort in being able to check out (there was plenty of checking out going on in other areas though, which was, naturally, very well done but was not translated onto the dart board). 

It must also be added that in an act of "gamesmanship" or just downright cheekiness (brilliance actually), team ACDC did a sterling job in rattling us when cries of "Ba Ba Ba" trilled out and bounced off the intimate walls of Ice Blue when our very own DJ Prickalicious (a.k.a. Melvin) found himself sitting on a score of 333. Unwittingly he was the next nervous recipient of a full can of Vietnam's own "333" to be 'shotgunned' immediately to the ecstatic schoolgirl-like shrills of team ACDC. The mere sight of our teammate being coerced (quite easily mind you) into 'shotgunning' a can of beer by a posse of Vietnamese lassies probably weighing in at a combined total of 200kgs (wringing wet) left the (much) older Prixxx in the team shaking in their thongs (they would be flip flops - this was not one of those 70s wife swapping shindig thingies). Needless to say, ACDC's home ground advantage was kicking in and as Melvin steadily (but bravely) negotiated his way through the foaming mayhem that his beer can had become, a quick scan around of The Prixxx' faces revealed that Special K and the Skipper were looking to the heavens for some divine intervention from the Dart Gods.

So we went into the the final teams' round 6/5 down with a hope of winning the match and tying the evening and coming home to The Prickhole with at least half the points on offer for the night. Alas, it was not to be, and while The Prixxx rolled up their sleeves and battled it out to the very end, we couldn't salvage the points and went down in a fairly tight one. Hats off to ACDC they looked tight all night and unfortunately we weren't able to take them from behind and nail the money shot. As they say in the classics, we'll learn from the experience and next time we'll be hoping to actually manage to train our eyes on the dartboard and not just on the surrounding fauna.

Next week we take on the boys from the Catwalk in what will be another test of our mettle in distracting surrounds, but at least our outfit will be bolstered by the inclusion of two more Prixxx enabling selectors to choose from a full playing list.

Keep pricking!

My votes from Tuesday night:
3 votes - Peter the Prickler
2 votes - Danny the GreenMachine
1 vote - Special K Kuruvilla

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