Friday, February 25, 2011

Checking Him Out - This Week's Portrait Of A Prick

Is there a doctor in the madhouse?
This week we caught up with  Moulik the Gujarati Gun for a quickie and got some dirt on what makes this Prick tick. Last week was his first outing with The Prixxx and he was straight on the money with his very first dart. With a doctoral degree underway and oodles of Ahmedabadi charm, this Prick loves nothing more than a Jameson with mates, pouring over pages of marketing principles and theories, and of course, sinking his darts into some high scoring cork. He was the only one of the boys to bring home a point in his singles (with my darts) to The Prickhole last week in an impressive debut against some quality opposition in an otherwise abysmal night for The Prixxx. Clearly this boy needs no warming up so we got straight to the point and checked him out!

Who do you become once you button up that team shirt on a Tuesday night?
Dr Prick!

Shaft type?
Short to start with...  

What? No pouch!?!
Which hand do you use?
For what? ; ) (Well, you know...) Right hand.

Hard or soft grip?
Pouch or Box?

Do you like "checking out" from behind or when in front?
Depends which tight spot (house) I'm checking out.
Are you a bottom man or top man (of the board of course)?
Top (only 'coz you said board!).

Your idea of a mad house?
Gotta prick that one often.

Funniest moment playing darts?
Yet to come.

It's Tuesday night (League night) but it's also your girlfriend's birthday...
I'd prick the board instead...

* This interview was held at Peaches The Curry Pub in Phu My Hung - The Home of The Mighty Prixxx



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