Friday, March 25, 2011

Portrait Of A Prick - 'Special K'

"The letter K is special in my family" - Special K
In our Prick Portraits we catch up with our Prixxx and try to get to know a bit more about them. This week we sat down with one of the more popular Prixxx from the team - Special K (a.k.a. Kevin). Sometimes getting a hold of a Prick can be a surprisingly difficult thing to do, particularly in a country like Vietnam where pointing people in the right direction just aint cool. Not with our Kevvie K, however.  Easier than spotting a Westerner on Bui Vien, oftentimes you'll find this Prick downstairs at work with some of the other Prixxx he works with discussing Indian cricket, i-phones, and darts venues over a quiet smoke or too. If that fails (rarely), you can always dial Peaches and just ask for Kevin. Born Kevin Kuruvilla to Mr and Mrs Kuruvilla from Kerala, India (Yep...what is it with the letter 'K' in this family?), he followed his father's wishes and set out to get a good job and settle down with a beautiful wife, of which he has done both. But little did his parents know that Special K was born with a silver dart in his mouth and one day dreamt of becoming a 'champion' (in our eyes) in the SIDL. Now that he has done that too, what more could this lad from the backwaters of Kerala achieve? Let's find out!

So Kev, do you have any nicknames without the letter K in them?
No, I can't think of any actually!

Are you left-handed or right-handed?
Definitely right-handed

What is something unique about the way you practice? For example, do you look at yourself in the mirror when you try different ways of holding your shaft between your fingers?
It changes from week to week
How do you feel about busts?
I'd like to see more of them because it would mean that I'm closer to checking out!

"I definitely like short legs" - K
Long legs or short legs?        
Definitely short legs 

How often have you had three in a bed (3 darts in the same house)?
Well...I once had three darts on bullseye (2x25s and 1x50) but no one was there to witness it!

What's your favourite house?

How would you change SIDL rules to make it more fun?
Have weaker teams in the league!

It's your mate's wedding day and you're best man but he's organised it on League night - what do you do?  
Go darting! That's the only way I can prick those tight spots!
...the Man

The darts, the hand, the smoke...




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